raspberry jam

I had never made jam, and the whole process made me quite nervous. Excited – but nervous. We went raspberrying in July and brought home a bushel and a peck, and I had to face the berries. In Canada we have a large freezer, and I could have used it in cowardice. In England our freezer is the size of a large dictionary, and truly, I want to learn to make jam that sits prettily, efficiently in a pantry through winter.
Still, I was daunted, so my small girl and I decided we would make jam, but not preserve it. That’s a good step, yes? We followed the instructions on the pectin box, and cooked up some gorgeous raspberry jam, sweetened with reduced apple juice. We kept it in the fridge and shared it with friends and family. Next year I swear I will preserve a row of these. Do you make jam?
Little by little is just fine.

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