I grew up foraging in the rainforests north of Vancouver. We would pick salmonberries, huckleberries, blackberries, and some kind of stem that the kids called sassafras. I’ve no idea about that last one but I can just taste it now! In England I’m not as familiar with the wild edible plants, so I was thrilled when my copy of Hedgerow arrived.


This is River Cottage Handbook No.7, and now I will have to go and get the whole set. Those of you who watch River Cottage will know the author, John Wright, from his frequent foraging adventures with Hugh. It’s delightful to read his words, he is entirely amusing and gives a clear account of what to look for, when, and whether there is a similar plant that may poison you. The photography is beautiful and makes me a bit desperate to get out in the bushes before winter. I do know of a couple of good spots in London for elder and nettles and I’m heartily anticipating our new home in the countryside for its access to gorgeous wild food. Quince! Sloes! Wild strawberry, plum, cherry! Wood sorrel, fat hen, gooseberries, chestnuts. All very exciting and delicious.

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