rotary whisk

Recently I’ve grown very fond of small, effective kitchen tools that require no electricity, are not inclined to break, and are a pleasure to use. Like the moulin, my rotary whisk (when I speak Canadian I might call this an egg beater) is one of those brilliant tools. It is like a bicycle in simplicity and elegance. While not as basic as the ancient hand whisk, it still dates back to the 1880’s.


The whisk I have was made by the Amish, bought from a sturdy German company, and came with a warranty, but that may be overdoing it a little bit. A strong whisk can make quick work of many kitchen tasks. Meringues! Cakes! I like that it moves smoothly, washes easily, and fits in a small kitchen. I fully expect it to endure for at least a couple of lifetimes. What’s more, it’s rather pretty. We used it the other day to make butter, and the children love to spin it, it makes a charming sound (perfect for early morning surprise breakfasts) and liquids look quite wonderful going through it. Something about actually doing the physical work of whisking with a little help from a simple mixer is such a delight. We shall enjoy using it as we start our holiday baking.

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