kitchen sponge

I am always elated to find a solution that is inexpensive, ecologically sound, effective, and a pleasure to use. Unlike many tools for washing up in the kitchen, the luffa functions perfectly from beginning to end.


The natural plant sponge is easily grown (somewhere hot, mind- but they’re extremely light to ship), and just as easily composted after months of use; it scrubs clean all kinds of surfaces without damaging them; it dries quickly and avoids mildew; it’s strong and beautiful; it is ideal. For a household tool that needs to be somewhat regularly replaced, I am entirely satisfied with it. I use it in combination with a wooden scrub brush with fantastically rough natural bristles, which has done its duty for a good two years now, and will be composted when it no longer functions, and an ecologically friendly dish soap, with a shaker of baking soda for polishing the ceramics. Having spent much of my life avoiding the dishes, these are some of the things that have altered my relationship with the task.


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