dining chairs

An antique table and half a dozen chairs have been taking every spare moment I can find.


We’d seen some old European painted ones we loved but decided to do the work of refinishing these ourselves instead of paying the shop to take care of it. Much more fun. It was a pleasure to work with such beautiful pieces, with their ornaments and elegant curves. Amazingly we were able to find antiques that didn’t cost more than new, good quality wood furniture. I love their age and history, and I love to mix these very old pieces with modern ones.


This kind of distressed painting, using layers of chalk paint, reminds me of painting on wood or canvas, or working with textures in sculpture and lithography. I’d like to experiment with this in ceramics. I love the colours that come up as the layers are sanded through. I’ve sanded them very smoothly; the wax went on easily and I buffed the finish to a gentle gleam. Now the wood feels quite wonderful.


(This image is optically misbehaving for me like the ornate ceilings I photographed in Paris. The darker shades should come forward.)

Delightful! To sit round a table (a gorgeous little round one that we just received for the living room) and share a meal that my sweetheart made for us. It’s a relief to have it in place after three months without, with the chalk painted dining chairs around it. I don’t think a house is quite a home for me without a table and chairs, the center of our family life, and we’re so happy with these. The table I’m painting? I’ll show it very soon, when our dining room is no longer a dusty workshop.

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