eau de toilette

Making a homemade eau de toilette is very simple. I love to read through alluring recipes from the Victorian still rooms for variations. I make one for my sweetheart using mostly neroli and a touch of bergamot essential oil. I’m partial to old fashioned rose, sometimes with a tiny bit of geranium.


I keep mine in a beautiful antique perfume bottle that my sweetheart gave me. It has a wonderful glass stopper, and silver cap with enamelled top.

essential oils

Put in few drops of essential oil and a glug of vodka, and shake well. The vintage recipes say to strain through paper.

eau de toilette

Stoppered. My children like to have their own rose ‘perfume’ which I mix with water (and shake before using). I also like to make a lavender scent to make their room a little bit sleepy at bedtime. Very inexpensive, chemical free, and exactly as you like it.

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