garden plot

The first time I had a garden was high up on a deck in Vancouver. The second time I had a funny narrow plot in London, which I landscaped, and filled with flowers and food.


I drew.


And drew. I had help from my sweetheart and a dear friend to transform it. I learned so much, mostly through failure. We altered the path, filled out beds, built a compost, amended the heavy clay soil, pruned trees, and experimented.


It thrived, though I left it for a long trip home to Canada in the summer! My sweetheart kept it well. I planted vegetables amongst flowers, as in a cottage garden, in the shade behind the Edwardian house. Out front in the heat and light I grew tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs. They did alright given the weather England suffered. Just a few things from that garden have come with us to the countryside.


Now we are blessed with a greenhouse, which I must learn more about using. I was so pleased to find that helpful folk have indeed mended it as promised, there was a missing pane in the bottom of the door, which wouldn’t have worked too well for keeping out vermin! It has a cement floor, is that odd? I think I can get something great happening in there shortly. Have you used a greenhouse? Any tips?


Just look at the state of my vegetable patch. The prunings must move, but til then I can plot it out. The earth seems rich, and I think it should get enough sun compared to my shady corner of London. It’s a massive space for me to consider, 20 x 30 feet. Or boots, anyway. However, there’s a problem to match it’s size. Deer! The deer will eat everything. I fear they will be far more ruthless than the army of snails and slugs in London. How charming must one be for a deer-proof fence, do you think? With a gate? Perhaps someone is tossing one out, and I shall find it. Wish me luck. Otherwise, it’s all pumpkins and potatoes for me.

I have my River Cottage handbook, Veg Patch by the lovely Mark Diacono and I’m studying the Planning section for my garden plot. Time to do some more drawings.

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