Breakfast is something I like my children to make for themselves, if at all possible. They became rather fond of a couple of boxed cereals, and though they are organic, wheat-free, and low in sweetness, to me the convenience wasn’t quite worth the distance they had to travel, the cost of the food, and the bag of plastic that had to be tossed out. We talked about this a bit and we’re revisiting an old solution to a quick breakfast. Granola.


I hope to keep them interested with frequent variations on ways to dress granola up, with fresh fruit, yogurt, dried fruit, and flavours like maple syrup and vanilla. To make this version, I turned the oven to about 150C/300F, melted a cup of coconut oil (or as little as 1/4 if you prefer) mixed in a splash of vanilla, a glug of maple syrup, a few drops of stevia and sea salt to taste, then stirred in about 450g of oats. I baked that for 20 minutes, tossing now and then. Then I added seeds and chopped nuts, and baked for another 10 or 15. Mix the dried fruit in while it’s cooling.


They can easily help themselves to this one.


And they do. I always think I’m making enough for a week, but these yummy things never last long around here, I’ll have to triple the recipe. It leaves me a bit more time to get on with other projects. The furniture is all finished! I’ll photograph it very soon.

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