little round table

Although I was looking for furniture at the antiques fair, just one little piece came home with me. It’s a small, round Edwardian table, similar to the demi-lune yet less ornate, the sort of thing that could function well in a lot of different places. Unlike the massive project of painting our dining table, chairs, and our bed, the little table took an afternoon to rework.


The little table was suffering a little from a loose piece on one leg, and some stains on the surface, but it sanded down well and took the chalk paint easily.


I like to use a couple of coats of country grey on pieces that need to draw back a little, remain subdued, and when it is sanded back just so, there are some wonderful textures that come up. I love how painting the furniture draws attention to the shapes; this one has just enough of the ornate to carry the eye around, but not so much to be busy.


For now the little round table is just right in the corner of our living room. Of course it is putting the
beside it to shame, but one thing at a time! I need to study some
before I tend to that one.

I received our custom mattress today, for the long awaited antique bed. Hurrah! I cannot wait to see it all put together.

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