nettle soup

Out in the garden I found some young nettles. I had some heavy gloves, and my trug, so I picked a few.


Stinging nettles are incredibly rich in minerals. These ones were potent, like dandelion. I’ve used dried nettles for years, but never fresh ones. I rinsed them, chopped them coarsely (ow! next time keep the gloves on!) and sautéed them in butter.


I admit to being a little bit frightened to taste them. Something about the strangeness of picking weeds and eating them as a vegetable! Or perhaps they still looked capable of stinging. We bravely tried them with a little sea salt and a squeeze of lemon, the way we love to eat kale. Wow! The children declared them too strong, but then they found the farm’s new salad greens too peppery as well.


Then I tried using them in a very basic soup, using chicken stock and cream, and passed through the moulin. Quite nice. The children still prefer a nettle infusion to nettle soup, but I am keen to try another soup, perhaps someone in the family knows my grandmother’s recipe. And nettle risotto. Or nettle beer. It’s lovely to have fresh greens again. Wild ones.

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