elderflower sherry

A moment before we left sunny England for sodden Canada, I couldn’t resist picking a few more elderflowers for one last project.

© elisa rathje 2011

A project as easy as elderflower honey. Simply pour a small bottle of sherry over a few elderflower umbels until they’re submerged.

© elisa rathje 2011

Leave it to infuse for a few weeks. Strain out the blossoms and tip in some sugar, perhaps a cupful or two to taste, then turn over for some days until it’s dissolved. It should make a lovely tipple for the darkening season. This one must infuse for months, til right about the time the elderberries appear in September, when I return to the cottage. I’ve just spotted a pair of boozy infusions in a cupboard here, gorgeous things, drowned cherries and raspberries. Just right to share with dear old friends on a terribly wet spring evening. Coming for a visit?

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