flax to linen

Linen is one of my most beloved fabrics, around the house and to wear, I love its simple, classic pale beauty and strength. As a child I loved all those wondertales and fairytales of spinning flax into gold! Like so many things I use, I never knew the source or the process of it. I’d never seen flax being spun into linen.

I’ve received my education in the archives of the National Film Board‘s series of Canada Vignettes. Like the pioneer wool spinning short, From Flax to Linen, 1978, is full of fascinating detail. I find the process entrancing. I’d love to try this! Somehow I find a tremendous sense of connection to things when I understand where they come from, and value them so much more when I can see how much work it took to make them by hand. Even more so if I get a chance to try it myself! I think that sense of connection could be transformative in our culture.

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