smocked sundress

After an experiment with smocking on a cushion, using shirring elastic in the bobbin of my machine, I’d acquired some confidence to pursue some dressmaking plans. Yet summer on the west coast has been entirely unconvincing, and it began to seem like my tall girl would never have need of a smocked sundress. I finally gathered up my fabric and pattern to start sewing it anyway. And the sky is clear blue this bright morning!

smocked sundress © elisa rathje 2011

The pattern that I adapted for my ten-year-old is gratis from a little book called Weekend Sewing that I keep hearing such good things about. I measured and shirred, using a piece of fabric that I could see would wrap generously around her even after smocking. It’s very thin stuff, so I doubled the layers, inspired by a smocked dress of my own. All the directions translate up a few sizes effortlessly, just fit it frequently.

smocked sundress © elisa rathje 2011

I’m amazed how something so simple can be so beautiful. The top edge has yet to be turned under, as I’m fussing with how I’d like to make the straps, but I thought you might like to peek at it before things go quiet and restful for the long weekend here. Perhaps quiet with a bit of weekend sewing, even.

smocked sundress © elisa rathje 2011

The smocked sundress is a classic, and puts me affectionately in mind of my childhood. Yet somehow this one shows me just how tall my tall girl is becoming. I hadn’t anticipated that a frock could cause one to feel the speed of the planet turning. Giddiness!

Have a bright, beautiful weekend. If the hurtling planets align, next you’ll find me in a local apothecary, playing with bottles and vials, and a bit of joyful still room production.

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