jar lifter

Let me introduce you Ashley English, if you haven’t already made her sweet acquaintance. I’ve long been an admirer of Ashley and her delicious blog, Small Measure, and the inspirations she contributes to Design*Sponge. I was absolutely thrilled to get an early birthday gift from my sweetheart in the post the other day, a box full of her beautiful books, Keeping Bees, Keeping Chickens, Home Dairy, and Canning & Preserving. It’s all I can do not to neglect everything to spend a weekend devoted to them. So I’m elated to present a tried & true from Ashley:


I’m an avid food preserver. While I have a number of tools and gadgets I turn to in the preserving process, my jar lifter is my most prized item. In its trusty grip, I’ve plunged pickles, chutneys, jams, preserves, sauces, and more in and out of boiling water. Though its financial cost is quite small, the return it offers in terms of workability renders it truly priceless. Before acquiring it, I’d struggle clumsily with a pair of tongs, never quite feeling secure in its grip, and sometimes (oftentimes, if we’re being honest) lose a jar repeatedly back into the boiling depths before properly extricating it. My jar lifter never fails me. It offers a strong, reliable grasp, giving me the confidence to stare down a pot of boiling water and some preserving jars with confidence in spades!

Thanks Ashley! I confess to having inadvertently redesigned my jar lifter by using it upside down and melting off the handles. Oops. I’m honoured to count Ashley as a friend and I can just imagine what kind of good food and fun we could get up to if we are ever in the same place at the same time. You can join me on twitter in following her around her kitchen and garden and hearing what she has for breakfast. It’s utterly inspiring. Maybe you can even catch her teaching a class you could attend!

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