crocheted coaster

First some messy experiments, watching little videos, browsing through patterns, trying different hooks and yarns, and now my studies in crochet are taking shape. I’m determined to crochet a granny square throw, and I’ve been developing my skills as I sort out what motif I’ll use. I’ve been carrying around some beautiful linen yarn and a hook, and when I catch a moment I work on a pattern for one motif or another. Learning the language of crochet patterns was one of the first steps. One of the motifs I fell in love with is the wonderful Yvonne Eijkenduijn‘s very romantic flower crochet pattern.

crocheted coaster © elisa rathje 2011

I attempted it first using a larger hook with a doubled strand, and then using a single strand with a little hook, 3.25mm. I’m getting better at it.

crocheted coaster © elisa rathje 2011

These little motifs are quite nice for tucking under our teacups. A crocheted coaster, or a coaster of any kind, is definitely something I railed against until I abruptly changed my mind, now that I have antique waxed surfaces to protect! If the coasters are pretty my little girls are also more likely to get them out. I’ll be making more of these. And then a colourful throw!


p>update: I fell thoroughly in love with these linen motifs, and use them all over the cottage. You can get all kinds of motifs to use as coasters and doilies, in shades of linen, in my little studio shop.

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