neti pot

Ah, the first cold of autumn has got me. I’m prepared this time, with a neti pot that my sweetheart gave me in the winter, when I’d been fighting a vicious illness. Isn’t it sweet? Yes, even for its purpose, to pour saline solution through one’s nostrils.

neti pot="© elisa rathje 2011

Friends and family have sworn by using a neti pot for years. Oh dear, nasal irrigation? In the end yoga won me over, as this very old practice comes out of ayurvedic medicine and its one purpose is to keep breathing clear, so important for yoga. So there you are. It’s a good idea to boil tap water and allow it to cool to body temperature. I fill the pot with about eight ounces, or a cup, and in it, dissolve one eighth to one quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt. Lean over a sink, chin tucked, and turn the head somewhat, ear towards the sky, and very gently tip the spout to pour the solution into your nose. Yes, I know. The idea is to have the solution move through the nasal passages and out the other nostril in a steady trickle, rather than out through your mouth. A potful is plenty, I think. I’m adding this to my list of traditional cold remedies.

– Oh, I used the neti pot last night and my breathing was amazingly clear through to the morning, I’m very pleased.

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