pastures new

Each spring, round about the beginning of May, the beautiful, gently tended herd of cows at Old Plawhatch Farm is turned out to pasture. The whole farm comes along to witness their extraordinary reaction. We were lucky enough to join them.

Great joy! Springing and leaping and rolling in the green grass! Isn’t it something? It is unforgettable, to see these enormous creatures kicking up into the air with happiness. The milk from these cows is extraordinary too. We’ve been enjoying the gorgeous food from the farms in this bit of Sussex for just a short time now, not quite two years, and the experience is one we will seek out for the rest of our lives. Which brings me to my news.

With great joy and tremendous sadness, we are leaving England. My sweetheart, my children are English and I’ve grown to love this place dearly, as home, these last four years. We have grown such a beloved circle of friends. The old traditions and skills I’ve learned here have been amazing, the history, we’ve only just begun. We will be back, often.


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