savon de marseille

Next to my own homemade soap, the soap I love best, the most beautiful, traditionally made, natural soap has to be Savon de Marseille.

savon de marseille

They call it legendary, and as the savonneries in Marseilles have been making their gorgeous cubes of olive oil soap since the 1300’s, I have to agree.

savon de marseille © elisa rathje 2012

I adore the patina that develops over the stamped sides, and I love the simplicity of the soap. It is so pure, you could brush your teeth with the stuff. The blocks are just gorgeous, and last a long time, so I keep one by the bathtub, between the epsom salts and the traditional razor. On such a cold, wet day as this one, I’d rather like to get into a hot bath and stay there.

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