simple wreath

Autumn leaves are just beginning to tumble across the grasses here. It’s been a good twenty years since I first visited this lakeshore and saw it all leafless and cold; now we watch the changes with keen interest. The mosses that dried to a deep orange have brightened green in the rains, and just a few colours are appearing. Each year as the days shorten and winds chill the air, I make a simple, tiny wreath. I’ll make one for the cottage gate very soon.

silver birch wreath

Gather together sprigs of silver birch or some other beautiful, delicate branches, still in leaf. Bend one of the pliable wands in a small circle, hold tightly, and weave more in at quarter turns, starting each new end pointing through the center of the circle to the back. Allow most of the little branches to spray out, weaving just enough to catch and keep the circle strong. Hang the little wreath with a length of ribbon on a gate, door or knob somewhere; the leaves will slowly scatter through the autumn weather. I like to tuck in berries, nuts, or cones as I come across them on walks throughout the season.

This simple wreath featured in last autumn’s newsletter. Read this autumn’s edition here.

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