violin rack

Get out that instrument, the one you’ve not played in a while. The one you want to play more often, for family and friends, or just for yourself, in the corner. Find a spot, somewhere in the room, an appealing sort of spot, and rack it up, set it out. Hang that instrument up, then grab it whenever it strikes you to play a couple of notes.


We made sure to nail this violin rack straight into a stud, so it wouldn’t crash back down again. Now it is perfectly safe, and my guitar is soon to follow suit. All my life I’ve kept it safely in its case. Oh, it seems a small step, to open a guitar case – but I can tell you, in a busy life, it is a small step too far. One risks keeping it safely in the case and never out. When I look back, I love the times I gave myself permission to play music (once I stopped arguing with parental voices that I really did not want to practice! Oh, how easy that now seems!) and how much richer my life feels when I do, now. Anything to make that effortless! What’s more, other folks seem to pick up the harmonica or the penny whistle, and pick out a melody, when they are so tantalisingly, gorgeously in reach. This open musical storage is a good idea, I think.

(With thanks to our dear violin teacher, Andrea Siradze, for encouraging us in this and all other musical action.)

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