basil oil

There’s such a pleasing industriousness in preserving a little something for winter. Quick as a fruit-infused liqueur and just as easy, is preserving in olive oil. I took my first crack at infusing oil with the last of summer’s basil, just before cold nights could claim it.

basil to preserve

Olive oil preserves are a fine old tradition. You’ll want a sterile jar, good quality olive oil, and freshly picked basil, clean and dry.

basil olive oil

The key is to be sure that the olive oil covers the basil, and to top it up when needed – eventually you can scoop the herbs out so you needn’t do this. If you’d like a smaller amount of basil oil, chop the herbs finely and drown them in enough oil to cover. I so look forward to drizzling basil-infused olive oil on homemade bread or pizza. Glorious.

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