milk-painted cabinet

Milk painted. Tra – la! Above and beyond, the easiest bit of modifying the shopkeeper’s cabinet to fit, even easier than mixing the milk paint, was painting furniture with the beautiful stuff.


Milk paint goes on exquisitely, brushing effortlessly. A little goes a long, long way. I hardly required a second coat and didn’t add one in many places. Despite the original stain, the paint has adhered beautifully. I did brush a little area without using binder in the paint, as I do love a bit of chippy crackle. Serious peeling, quite nice. (I took a little extra of the black paint to test on a bare piece of new wood on my deck, too, and we shall see how it fares this winter. Milk paint may be just the thing for our future, hopeful, still imaginary chicken coop.)

I wanted to give the piece a gentle sanding with a very fine, waterproof sandpaper, as I do with chalk paint, but tiny bits of pigment would appear. Possibly I could have blended it more. Once I accepted this piece would be a little rougher, the wax went on simply, and required astonishingly little. I do think milk paint requires a character who is interested in working from scratch. An adventurer – at the least the first time through. The piece dried quickly and the colour is so matte, and yet so luminous, I am delighted. The result pleases me very much – what do you think?

Stay tuned for images of the shop cabinet as it fills with tried & true things I’m making, short, sweet editions of useful, old fashioned objects, and of course, my kits, lessons in traditional skills.

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