pipping eggs

On the eighteenth day of incubating the chicken eggs, we moved thirty-one pretty eggs out of the egg-turner and on to the floor of the incubator.

We filled the second trough with warm water to keep them nice and humid.


With such anticipation we candled a couple of the eggs once more. When we turned a pale one around we could see movement inside. Such awe.


Late in the afternoon of the 20th day, today, we saw a tiny crack on a pale green egg, and watched in disbelief to see it shuffle. Then – peeping! The sweetest sound. A couple of blue eggs are pipping, a crack appearing, lots of rocking. Neighbours visit and call to inquire, we are all of us impatient parents. We will find it hard to sleep tonight.

Do follow me on instagram, or check in on appleturnover’s page to see more! I’ve been out on the deck with my handsaw and speed square – I shall tell you all about the coop as soon as I can tear my eyes away from the eggs.

See the hatch here!

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