traditional razors

There are some inventions that I well and truly appreciate. I’d prefer not to use a straight razor, especially around my ankles. Still, there’s an old and delightful solution between the straight blade and the safety throwaway. Here’s my traditional safety razor.
It takes a simple double edged blade of which I bought ten in a little box for just over £1. While this part is thrown away (safely!) I think it is appreciably better than the alternatives, electric or plastic disposable.
Its elegance is seductive, and its longevity is liberating. I’ve fallen in love with objects that are used for life, may even to be passed along through the years. I think this traditional razor embodies that. Like the fountain pen, it is one of those little investments I think is worth saving for, the kind that saves a lot over time.
There are traditional shaving shops all over the world.

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