treadle table

Dear friends visited today with a secret, very special sewing machine for our little girls. I’ve hidden it away. They also set up my vintage singer machine in its treadle table. I’m so pleased to see it like this! I can’t wait to organise the space around it for fabric arts, and settle down to use it. I need to get the knack of sewing with a treadle, working with my feet. That sort of rhythmic work is deeply therapeutic, and largely missing from our electric world – I love that I can use the machine without electricity now. Unlike so many tools, this one has been going for sixty-odd years, and will continue long after us. There’s a long lineup of projects waiting, among them several sets of curtains and quilts to warm our very old house, though winter has eased up here this week. Such a lovely visit, with our children playing sweetly together, and a visit to the village pub.


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