copper trowel

Today’s River Cottage tried & true is from Head Gardener Mark Diacono, who led us in a delicious study of vegetables at the cookery course. He’s the author of the Veg Patch handbook, which I plan to spend the winter poring over in anticipation of spring. Mark nominated his copper trowel.


copper trowel. photograph: mark diacono

Exquisite object! Mark says it cuts the earth effortlessly, doesn’t rust, and has such a striking colour that it isn’t easily lost in the garden. (Especially as it is such a delight to use, and not inexpensive, you do take care not to lose the thing.) He guesses it will easily outlast him. I read a little about copper tools in the garden, there are some fascinating ideas about copper’s qualities. Of course I openly admit to having a weakness for shiny things.

Thank you Mark, I’m wracked with envy.

You might like to follow Mark and his copper trowel over to Otter Farm for a visit.

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