plant-dyed eggs

Happy equinox! Spring is blooming on the Pacific coast, and Easter is going to arrive earlier than I’d expected. We refine our plant-dyeing a little more every year in pursuit of some brightly coloured eggs, last spring’s quarterly featured this story. The new quarterly will be out soon to celebrate the equinox, don’t miss it!

bowl of white eggs

Gather together white eggs, emptied; white vinegar, a saucepan, a few heatproof jars, spoons, and a few plants from the kitchen and garden. For orange: yellow onion skins. For blue: outter leaves of a red cabbage. For yellow: rosemary, red onion skins, turmeric. Overdye blue & yellow for green, though powdered chlorophyll or raw spinach is reputed to work. For pink: frozen berries, cranberries or raspberries work well, we had none, nor even a beet!

plant-dyed easter eggs

Boil a handful of the dyestuff in enough water to immerse an egg in the jar, until it releases deep colour into the water and reduces somewhat. Add a splash of white vinegar, stir, and pour into the jar. Slip the egg in and turn now and then til it deepens to a shade you like. The cabbage-blue egg took easily a half hour’s bathing. The plant materials can be composted. Beeswax is just fine for drawing with in advance, we’d like to do that this year. We might try paper cutouts on our plant-dyed eggs, in the traditional German scherenschritte mode.

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