sussex trug

One of my best finds from the antiques market is a handmade wooden Sussex trug. I’ve been searching for one for some time, as the shape of a trug is ideal for harvesting food from the kitchen garden and foraging in the hedges. It rests on your arm just so, with room underneath to slip things in; it sits comfortably without tipping over, and is light and sturdy. It’s an ancient design, using coppiced wood.


Having moved to the countryside in the darkening days of Winter, we’re eager for spring to turn the hills around our house into a feast. We’ve no idea what’s out there, but we’ll begin consulting our beloved copy of Hedgerow now and not leave off til the days are bleak again. In London we were able to find lots of nettles and elderflower, awkwardly stuffed into cloth bags, and in Vancouver we’ve always gathered lots of salmonberries, huckleberries, and wild blackberries, usually into buckets, though the weight of the top berries in a bucket can squish the ones below. The trug should handle a variety of things very well, kindling or greens or berries. The children and I would love to learn to recognise all kinds of wild plants. So we can eat them. When in Sussex…