copper polish

After a winter of hard work on the wood stove, the copper kettle needs a good polish.

dirty copper

How to polish copper? You’ve got copper to polish, and needed to know. I thought so. Like polishing silver with toothpaste, there’s an ecological, economical solution.


Dip a cut lemon into wood ash (wear some gloves in case it is too intense for your skin!) and scrub. This is messy, best to do it outside. Rub, rub, rub with a soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly with water. Anything left in the grooves might create verdigris, which is toxic, so clean it up well, an old toothbrush works.

polished copper

Repeat til shiny, then polish with a clean cloth. It looks so pleasing! It gives me energy for the next task. With thanks to that wonderful book, Sloe Gin & Beeswax.

feather duster

With all the refinishing projects I’ve been up to, my trusty feather duster has been in perpetual use.

feather duster

Contrary to modern opinion, the feather duster doesn’t just move the dust around; something in the structure of the feathers collects the dust. My little girls are very fond of dusting everything they can reach and then shaking the thing outside. With wood stoves going all winter, there are many occasions for it. I used to love the silent feather duster for when I needed to clean during a baby’s naptime! I bought it a decade ago when I was beginning to mend my chaotic ways, and began to work with routines. It’s as good as it ever was, easily outliving the vacuum cleaners. Good old fashioned cleaning, and little bit glamourous, too.