sewing kit

For a friend of ours, turning seven, we made a sewing kit. It’s on the elaborate side, as much for emergency embellishing as mending! We included embroidery floss, a tin of buttons and beads, patchwork squares, ribbons, shirring elastic, little scissors, a bit of tailor’s chalk and tiny spools that we wound with coloured threads. We made the pin cushion to keep a few safety pins, straight pins and needles in a couple of sizes.


Sewing kits are very, very old fashioned, with telling names like ‘housewife’ given to them by soldiers. Hundreds of variations of vintage styles are available in markets and auctions. I’m quite fond of them for their reference to a time when people knew how to mend their clothing, and accepted that they might need to at any moment. Like a portable version of my sewing box I’ve assembled one of my own to keep on hand when someone has lost a button or torn their clothes.

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cabled mittens

For those of you who have been wishing for a pair of cosy mittens, and the skills to make them, I so am pleased show you appleturnover’s latest movie, “Cabled Mittens.” (Just bought the cabled mittens project kit? This is the place to work along with the movie tutorials! Go right ahead.)

If you just have a minute, you might enjoy the preview of the movies in the Knitting Series.

We filmed the Knitting Series in my mother’s bright studio in Deep Cove, and like the Quilting Series, the camera looks over my shoulder as I work, to help you see, step-by-step, every method needed to cable-knit your own mittens.

For these movies we’ve added the dimension of animation, so another aspect of my art practice has reappeared. Lovely. We’re not drawing so much as writing on the screen, to help illustrate the old techniques clearly. Typography! I adore it.

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long & elegant cabled smoke grey mittens

long & elegant cabled smoke grey mitten kit