mixing bowl

Of late I have been compelled to admit that a good mixing bowl is essential for making cakes. I’ve tried mixing in bowls that bounce and slide, that hold only half of the ingredients, that leave me to spill batter between a pot and a pie plate. Disaster. Yet I am determined to learn to bake an excellent cake.


When my copy of Cakes, the newest River Cottage Handbook arrived, my sweetheart went to look for the remedy. Like my traditional scales, the Mason Cash mixing bowl is a classic. It is grounded by its solid weight, so my two small bakers can beat a rhythm round it with wooden spoons without knocking it to the floor. The depth of it contains clouds of flour and effortlessly fits a couple of cakes worth of batter. Textured designs along its outer surface act as grips when mixing or washing it. Looking timelessly elegant is pretty great too. The bowl will function beautifully for culturing a sourdough sponge, cream cheese and yogurt. And most especially for cakes. I’m a proud owner.


For thrashing egg whites into airy peaks for a flourless chocolate torte using my trusty whisk, it’s ideal. Torte-recipe forthcoming, one to persuade you that every cake should contain at least two bars of chocolate. Happy Springtime!

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