traditional cold remedies

Despite glorious weather in the south of England, the lot of us came down with a springtime cold. Unlike the dreaded lurgy we fought over the winter holidays, this was an ordinary cold, so I used just a few tried & true, traditional cold remedies from the kitchen and the garden.


Fresh ginger root, with lemon juice and honey, to calm the throat. I pour boiling water over the ginger slices, allow it to cool a little, then stir in honey and lemon. Sometimes I’ll let this cool further and shake in some vitamin C, which I sweeten with stevia in water and give my family at regular intervals. A daily dose of cod liver oil with naturally occurring vit D, is a good idea for us too, in my opinion!


Nettle infusions, these are from foraged
and dried wild nettles, or I can get them in the health food store. Extraordinarily rich in minerals and vitamins to strengthen the immune system and clear out toxins.


Garlic, crushed and soaked in olive oil. My ears began to ache, so I prepared this and dropped it into them. Later on I had an epsom salt bath, and brought the garlic oil in with me, rubbed my feet with it, as well as the below my jaw where glands can get swollen. Luckily none of us had a sense of smell, as I’m quite sure it was pungent. But effective. I was better the next morning. We like to eat lots of garlic too, of course! We stayed in bed listening to my sweetheart reading aloud, and let the wind blow itself out. Today we’re all well and ready for some fun.

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