The stories in the kitchen garden are about the pleasures of providing more and more of our own food. Moving closer to the source of it, connecting with local farmers, growing in tune with the land, foraging around us. Nurturing a balanced ecology as far as we can reach. Turning to our heritage for trusted methods and economical solutions. Digging through historical recipes and remedies. I want to know and trust what we eat and I want to learn to prepare it with my own hands. In a narrow garden in London, a rambling plot in the Sussex countryside, around a lakeside cottage on Vancouver Island, on an historic organic farm, I tried out sound methods in the kitchen and garden.

The stories in the workshop are experiments in traditional handwork that expand out from the cottage and studio into woodshops, roundhouses, pottery studios, smithies and schools. I want to know how to make and mend the things we need ourselves, attuned to a long history of self-reliance. Visit the schoolhouse (in the lefthand column) to watch appleturnover movies that teach traditional skills.

The stories in tried & true are a growing library of useful objects that have elegantly stood the test of time. They’re perennial favourites with a long sound history, they’re beautiful and helpful, strong and enduring, things that make life richer and simpler at once.

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elisa rathje


Elisa Rathje is an artist, designer, writer, grower, maker, homeschooler, living with her family on Salt Spring Island.

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