this is the journal of small work*.

part 1

continuous improvement + stacking functions as illustrated by a wood stove: part 1 in the journal of small work* How can we live well within the limits of our living systems? This new series is a response to overwhelming urgency. In the face of the daunting prospect of transforming how we live, let’s start where … Read More

part 2

pattern language + permeability: oil + wax in the journal of small work* homemade, food-grade, toxin free salves, infused herbal balms, shoe polish, stove polish, furniture polish, water resistant waxed fabrics emerge from learning the core recipe of oil + wax. so, the second journal of small work* builds on the ideas of the first. … Read More

pulley airer

part 3

appropriate technology + downshifting as illustrated by the pulley airer. the journal of small work* the quintessential pulley airer is the starlet of the third episode in the journal of small work* and like its siblings, serves to illustrate a pairing of concepts that could serve us well in facing the challenges of living in … Read More

part 4

adaptation + relocalisation as illustrated by the coldframe, in the journal of small work* i give you the latest in the journal of small work* film series, adaptation and relocalisation, as illustrated by the coldframe. the coldframe, that icon of the victorian kitchen garden, is a fine tool not only for adapting to the future … Read More