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interview: the english homemaker

i had a wonderful conversation with alissa from ‘the english homemaker’ and i think you’ll appreciate her excellent questions in this episode, ‘why the small work matters most’. from @theenglishhomemaker: I’m so excited to share today’s new episode with you! It’s a beautiful conversation with the wonderful Elisa @appleturnover all about how she chooses to … Read More

interview: accidental gods

our very existence in this pivotal moment means that we share a god-like power over what comes next. what we do now, it matters profoundly. having conversations about how we get to the future we want to see is an essential part of the critical work of our time. if you’re already a devoted listener … Read More

interview: shifting to a needs-based economy

i had the great pleasure of getting more deeply into big picture and little, in an interview with sophie from big things, little things podcast, on shifting to a needs-based economy. you can listen to it here. perfect if you have a lot of darning or weeding to do!

article: towards an ecological economy

you might like to have a look at a piece i wrote for radicle, a letter out of the uk on alternative gardening. it has a lot of resonance with the third episode in the journal of small work* particularly. “we grow independent from the domination economy through interdependence with the biosphere.” radicle’s instagram @decolonisethegarden … Read More

journal article: perceiving the limits

recently, i had the pleasure of co-authoring this article for the journal of philosophical inquiry in education, with my island neighbour and professor of education, claudia ruitenberg. it’s a special volume embracing more experimental forms. it may be an academic article but i think it is quite accessible — this piece has proved to be … Read More

interview: big things. little things.

while you’re going about your day you might enjoy listening along to this interview on  Big things. Little things. sophie and i get deep into conversation about food security, parenting in climate emergency, appleturnover farm, a little of my background and the first film in my new series, the journal of small work*.  i hope … Read More

feature: folklife magazine

folklife is a local creation entirely absorbed with these islands, more compendium, anthology, than magazine. my inner printmaker thrills at the multiple. to hold it in your hands is a great joy. the printed volume is delightful enough, but i also have the pleasure of seeing my writing in this one. the remarkable stasia garraway … Read More