biochar kiln

it is a great pleasure to bring you biochar kiln, my new film about the practical steps to making biochar in a kiln from our island’s community kiln-share with historian and charcoal expert brian smallshaw and why, at this moment in time, it really matters.

want to learn what biochar is and how to make it, and encourage your local community sustainability groups to start a kiln-share in your neighbourhood? making biochar (a biologically enriched charcoal) from the branches and brush generated as we tend gardens, orchards and forests, sets us all on our way to sequestering carbon, reducing woodsmoke, increasing the water-holding capacity, microbial life and nutrient density of the soil, being good partners to the trees and generally having a gorgeous time round the fire as humans are called so primally to do.

thanks for watching and sharing the film! it means a lot to me. it’s been a labour of love to bring it to the screen, and my thanks are soundly with all of our appleturnover members for their dedicated support. you might like to join us behind the scenes. many thanks to the salt spring apple festival for their support!