broody hen

Much like a mother hen setting, hatching and raising her chicks, making our new film, ‘broody hen’ has been a labour of love.

— Even without the ecosystem services of adding fertility to the gardens, reducing pests, cleaning the orchard, turning piles of mulch, transforming overproductions and waste-streams of food into eggs, into compost, and into a new generation of laying hens, a broody hen is more skilled, more efficient, more devoted to raising chicks than anything we might dream up to replace her —   

Over the last seven years we’ve learned how to work with a broody hen to hatch and raise chicks. Even if you’ve never considered keeping chickens, it’s delightful to see the whole process from setting eggs to hatching out, from brooding chicks to weaning them. It’s such a great shift to a more reciprocal vision of how we might live regeneratively.

Watch right to the very end to see who’s hatching now…

We hope you love it like hens love chicks. We’d be delighted if you’d share it with your people, and let us know what you think.