George, Lucy and Emma watched at the window of the study to be sure that we were doing things properly. Characters.

Did you know that they can live 30, even 40 years? I’m picturing myself at 80 with them. 

Just yesterday afternoon they fiddled with my shirt until they woke me as I napped in the orchard, a well-deserved nap for completing the film, wouldn’t you say? But when a goose wants an apple, a goose wants an apple. At least they were courteous enough not to honk!

The trio of geese make the smallholding far more resilient. They don’t need much to be contented themselves, but a cosy, secure house is primary. As we built the goosehouse we documented the process for you, and the goslings grew up along with it. 

Watching right to the very last frame is always worth it, but never as much so as with such characters as these.