pick & prune

Our little film, ‘pick & prune’ follows a practice of tending the trees that yields much more than fruit. We made this little picture in the old orchard, the food forest, in late winter and late summer, when we are very much preoccupied with the trees.

It follows how we work with natural patterns within a system that elegantly meets the needs of all the contributors, most especially the fruit trees, but certainly the goats, geese, ducks, hens and chicks, not to mention songbirds, honeybees, wild pollinators, and people.

The people, naturally, are looking for continuous improvement in the system, so that less work, plenty of fruit, a thriving ecosystem, happy creatures and more orchard naps are the result. Pruning well is the heart of that project, and we hope this little film gives some insight into our practice.

Do let us know what you think of our latest film, and if you too are tending and harvesting from trees where you live. This is just the sort of system our supporters will be learning about, over live broadcasts from the apple orchard, the plum thicket, the farmhouse. Join us.