the journal of small work-book, pages 1-4

if half-sleep yielded writing, writing became a social post, a post became a radio recording, which in turn became a video-podcast, then perhaps the transcript that is printed as pages of a book that you’ll assemble with your own hands and read in your own way, is itself just about ready to dream again, as if at the end of a sweet long day.

so i give you the first two pieces in companions to the journal of small work*, with deepest thanks for your support of this dreaming-of-another-future. this first release is for all and sundry — please share with your people as you like. the parts that follow these will be just for film, letter & radio patrons like your good selves, in gratitude. get the companions book here.

please find attached: if the chaos of the last two years-, and somehow we need a vivid picture-. i hope they are useful to you.

These pieces are two of many that informed the journal of small work*, my film series that looks at building a continuously improving, compounding repertoire of ways to live regeneratively. subscribe to the letters to support new writing on possible futures.