all-or-nothing ways-of-being-

if what you really have been longing for is an essay on homemade yogurt, hayboxing, and the critical technique of pushing on with imperfect, partial, good-enough action, then this sunday companion is for you. this small work* is another relation of the first episode in the journal of small work*, wood stove: continuous improvement + stacking functions before we turn to some collected works expanding on the other films.

watch all the episodes here.

radio, letter and film patrons can look out for printable transcripts of these writings here. i so appreciate it when you subscribe to this work, it is the kind of affirmation that keeps me going when our crises feel too big for one small voice to affect. as ever, deep gratitude to the appleturnover patrons. the newest film in this series is coming along just fine.

i’d love to hear how this fourth small work* of appleturnover radio, all-or-nothing ways-of-being sits with you.