if the chaos of the past two years –

welcome to the first audio companion to the journal of small work*.

many of you good patrons followed me here from instagram and know my writing over there well; now you can listen to the audiobook version, grounded in the seasons, expanding on ideas in the films, striking out on a path toward collective regeneration.

tune in to the small work* radio while you’re washing up, tending the garden or settling down for a nap, as i read the companion pieces to the appleturnover films.

radio, letter and film patrons alike receive the written transcripts to keep, like good old fashioned newspaper clippings of a serial. collect the original pieces that lay the groundwork for a future appleturnover book. patrons get their own private rss feed for the podcast, too.

this first small work, if the chaos of the past two years, is a friend of the new film series as a whole.

i’d love to know your thoughts on the new podcast. as ever, thanks for your kind support!

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