immersed in living systems –

becoming fluent in interdependence, and the multiple, humble acts that revive the commons that connect us, and move us toward positive futures. this small work* is a radio variation on this week’s free letter, which you can find here.

this podcast exists thanks to the patrons of the journal of small work* radio and the appleturnover letters. become a patron to get the small work* book, part one, of collected pieces from this podcast which is heading out for a test print early in the week. it has been diverted from its course somewhat by the forecast of an atmospheric river, as we have rallied to prepare in case of flooding like we saw a year ago. the henhouse run even has the beginnings of a roof! to prevent lakes forming. for those of you in this part of the world, may the rain be slow and steady and may the trees drink it all deservedly up. i can’t wait to show you the little book, dear patrons. thank you for your support.