in our experiments with how to live –

on what is necessary, what is sufficient. this small work* is a friend and relation of my short film, *pulley airer*, which looks at appropriate technology and downshifting. in a word, simplicity. what if the future was not deprived, but simply reduced to the essentials? how might community-sufficiency alter our requirements?

one of the ways we can become more community-sufficient is to share skills. i’m hard at work on a few new films that support skill-sharing. one, a long-game piece about the kitchen garden, which i admit has been battered by the curious weather this past year as much as the garden itself, and another one about ducks which has almost six years’ worth of footage to draw on! the third is another journal, patiently waiting its turn, which is not a problem for a small work about fermentation.

thanks to you, micropodcasts like this one are small works of community-supported activism. 

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thanks for listening.

x elisa