pattern language + permeability –

this sunday read-aloud is a child of the second episode of the journal of small work*, oil + wax: pattern language + permeability. it is concerned particularly with our permeable selves, and our bigger selves, the one that encompasses a whole earth system in perpetual exchange. this tiny piece touches on the exchanging of the possibly toxic for the definitely edible, accepting our microbial-ness, looking to the cycling of this living being we are living within for patterns that lead us to better decisions. all of that. 

it would be lovely to hear what you think about the idea of our permeable selves, in perpetual exchange. and if you missed a link i posted yesterday to a new interview with sophie from big things little things, you might like to listen in about just these sorts of concerns and approaches.

with thanks to the appleturnover radio, letter and film patrons. you make this possible. i like to think of it as a csa, like my regenerative-agrarian friends cultivate; community supported activism. thank you.

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