like a gardener creates the conditions –

this tiny piece looks at what works in our culture, to find the patterns that help us to leave behind frameworks of competition and scarcity, for a fundamental shift toward collaboration and sufficiency for all, as a response to converging crises.

 this small work, like a gardener creates the conditions – is the little sibling of the journal of small work* film on appropriate technology and downshifting, ‘pulley airer’

this episode exists thanks to our good patrons, in gratitude for supporting these regenerative projects and being a part of making them happen. i hope these small works are as encouraging to you in your contributions to positive futures, as your support is to me.

i’d love to hear your thoughts on this sunday radio companion. if you find this work compelling, you might like to look up jason hickel’s ‘less is more’, kate raworth’s doughnut economics, and jennifer hinton’s work, on both ‘upstream’ and ‘accidental gods’ podcasts. it’s hopeful, accessible stuff. 

 x elisa