elderflower oxymel

elderflower oxymel stops time, pausing june and savouring it. vinegar and honey ferment, infused with the floral i first fell in love with while foraging in the wilder corners of london. i figure it must be medicinal like its late summer counterpart, the elderberry, but what it heals is a deep longing to attach to the seasons, not the calendar, the harvests, not the clock, to a sense of time spiralling forth with us firmly embedded in all that lives. not bad for one of the simplest of recipes and one that uses ingredients from around us. a strong jar with a rubber seal that allows the pressure to diffuse a little is an excellent choice, as i will never remember to check on lids. have you made an oxymel?

the elderflower is one of the starlets of june’s farm-tour film and live q&a. if you’d like to join a  conversation getting deeper into answering questions of how we get from here to the future we want to see, and if you’d like to have a look behind the scenes, save the date for the next one, july 8th, and get tickets here.