gardener ducks

as collaborations go, working with the ducks in the four-season kitchen garden meets multiple needs. timed well, all of us, plants, soil, people, duckies, are happy and well fed. (okay, the slugs are not happy…but they certainly lived their best life in the potager!). if you missed the long-form film, ‘running ducks’, you’ll find everything you need to get started with your own flock, or just spend a gentle quarter of an hour watching these sweethearts.

now it’s time for some serious weeding, sowing, and planting out of seedlings. things are manic so it must be almost may! which brings us to the farm tours.

starting up in may, on the second saturday of the month, it’s the appleturnover farm + farmhouse tour. farm-tour patrons please join me in conversation after we watch a freshly filmed tour of the systems here, and get your questions answered. find details in the membership tier.

to kick off the first event, we invite farm-tour patrons old & new to bring along a friend for free. i so look forward to spending some time together, getting into the small work that matters so much for our possible futures.

thanks to our youngest for her camerawork and duck-and-cat-whispering on this one.

huge thanks to you, good patrons, for your support.