winter morning chores

if lending a hand with farm chores after a snowstorm appeals, here’s a wintry morning’s worth squeezed into a single minute, with a goat walk tucked in at the end (to bring another round of wood-stove-melted snow, when the pipes froze.)

by request, a chore-time farm-tour. this is the twice-daily tour i take, with a goat-walk in between for good measure. in this minute-film it’s the deep snow and solid ice version of our daily farm rituals. 
now january has thawed december, but february on this island is bound to be snowed under again. all the warming we’ve so recklessly allowed has flooded the atmospheric rivers and this is the winter variety, beautiful, but in places, deadly. we must learn and adapt together.

how we stay resilient when extreme weather tests our fragile old systems and finds them wanting, vulnerable and solitary, how we can create back-ups for our back-ups in essentials like water, food, heat and energy, well. we must consider that the impact of these storms on our built and transportation systems are only the beginning, and now simplify, multiply, adapt, distribute and collectivise our supports. when all the services are out on a collective emergency, this time as plumbers face a whole island of frozen pipes, good relationships with good neighbours are true security. they make the future we want to live in. these are the resilient systems we must build.

this little peek into chore-time in winter on appleturnover farm exists both for and thanks to our good patrons. huge gratitude!

also, the stars of this minute-film would like me to remind you that they have their own long-form films, like ‘goosehouse’, ‘running ducks’, ‘deep litter’ and ‘broody hen’.