i give you the fourth in the journal of small work* film series, adaptation and relocalisation, as illustrated by the coldframe.

the coldframe, that icon of the victorian kitchen garden, is a fine tool not only for adapting to the future we want to see, but embodying the simple actions of the relocalising movement as well as giving another example of the frameworks from the previous three films, like appropriate technology, downshifting, and pattern language.

huge thanks to the appleturnover patrons, you keep me going when things are challenging, and this spring has been staggering among springs. so it is with particular joy that i release this film.

elsewhere: don’t forget to subscribe to the small work* podcast, and watch for the video-radio pieces here or on the playlist.  

also: the hen that accompanies me throughout the coldframe-build is robin, an easter egger is who lays blue eggs, is a great mama, and is eight years old! and the fellow who duffs the camera at the end is called ash, also nearly an 8-year old.

lastly: this little film is just in time for world relocalisation month, too. (*helena norberg-hodge, local futures, now i have time to watch their new film!)

i hope that you love coldframe. if you do, i’d be honoured if you’d share it with your people.  

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